Autonomous Snow and Ice Measurement



SAMS Enterprise manufacture novel autonomous devices that provide reliable measurement of snow and ice structure. These devices from SAMS Enterprise allow monitoring of ice or snow thickness, movement and temperature profiles, whilst resolving any air, ice or water interfaces.

SIMBA provides a reliable means for continuous monitoring of Polar ice thickness (growth and decay), providing time evolution across annual cycles. The low cost allows multiple unit deployment in an array, to improve spatial variability data. The data obtained is ideally suited for process model evaluation (e.g., determination of ice-ocean energy exchange), for weather forecasting in Polar Regions and for monitoring of sea-ice thickness/state for transport and shipping applications.

SIMBA also has a number of terrestrial applications. The devices can be used to monitor snow melt (flooding prediction) and to the structure of the snowpack in mountainous areas (avalanche predicitons). SIMBA units have been deployed in Scotland, the Arctic and Antarctic regions for 6+ years.