Rhianna Rees
Seaweed Academy Coordinator
Professor Michele Stanley
Associate Director SAMS
Dr Adrian Macleod
Macroalgal Cultivation PDRA
Dr Kati Michalek
Seaweed Cultivation PDRA
Dr Matthew Davey
Senior Lecturer in Algal Biotechnology
Dr Adam Hughes
Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Aquaculture
Tom Brook
Tom Brook
Project Manager
Dr Marie-Mathilde Perrineau
Macroalgal Breeding PDRA
Dr Suzannah-Lynn Billing
Marine Social Science PDRA
Sarah Reed
Ships' Operations Manager
Dr Janina Brakel
Tropical algal pathologist
Dr Sofia C Franco
Aquaculture Governance and Innovation
Lars Brunner
Support Scientist in Macroalgal Cultivation
Shona Magill
Head of Student Services
Alasdair O'Dell
PDRA in blue carbon
Mike Spain
Head of Enterprise
Iona Harvey
Graphic Designer
Iain Gatward
Marine Business Development Consultant
Pauline Clifford
Marketing Manager
Prof Axel Miller
Deputy Director SAMS
Euan Paterson
Media and Communications Officer
Steve Gontarek
Head of IT and Information Services
Dr Lindsay Louise Vare
Geochemist Consultant
Callum O'Connell
Seaweed nursery manager
Andy Crabb
Dr Chris Allen
Technical Resources Manager
Dr Anuschka Miller
Head of Communications
Will Harvey
Web Developer